Saturday, April 19

4-19-08 to do list

  1. dishes
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor
  4. mop kitchen floor (yep i already need to do this)
  5. 2 loads of laundry
  6. vacuum living room
  7. have kids tidy up there rooms done!!
  8. clean my desk off done!!
  9. clean both my dressers off done!!
  10. have dinner ready by 6:30
  11. take all my vitamin's and give kids there's and remind chad done!!
  12. go to foodlion and get more free stuff
  13. go to cvs and shop there rewards to earn some more money ;) done and did great!!
  14. change sheets on my bed done!!
  15. make my bed and have the kids make theres done!!
  16. get new ink for the printer

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