Thursday, April 10

Dr. visit today lol...

well a few days ago kyle told me his foot was hurting and i just blew it off cause he gets lots of growing pains and stuff so i told him thats what it was and did not think about it again, well this morning i was waking him up for school and it was taking forever as usual and i was looking at his feet and i noticed one had a lot of "streaks" on the top of it so i made him get up at this point and i asked him which one was hurting and it was the streaky one so here i am pretty freaked out and i really never freak out about this kinda stuff so i rush and make him a Dr's. apt and its in like 20 minutes we are all still in PJ's and kk is still sleeping so we rush to get ready and get there and i look at it a little closer and in better lighting and see thats its just veins and boy do i feel pretty stupid lol but he did have one toe that had a fungal infection (ewww) in it so we got some cream for that so i suppose it was not a total loss but i still felt dumb lol!!! and to top it all off i will not be able to bring the kids to school today cause i can't leave the base till i get new base stickers and i can not do that till chad gets to come home at a normal freaking time so i can get a new id card boy that would be nice but whatever i suppose! this stupid boat is really getting on my nerves i mean we have not been here 1 year yet and its about to go out for 5 Mt's again thats just total BS!!!!!!!! i can not wait for the day chad gets out he wanted to get out this time but some interesting things came up and we had to stay in cause if he would not have been able to find a good job we would not be able to afford to live so to speak but whatever to that to! cause i suppose the navy is not all that bad we have free/cheap insurance and he have 2 paychecks a month but it is sad that chads away from the kids so much he really Miss's a lot!

in other news i finally found my camera yesterday so i can start taking some new pictures now every once in awhile i had been using my phone and it does work well but not near as good as my good camera ya no! also in other news the bee strong i ordered from super mom heath and wellness is still working awesomely lol cause i have had energy galore that past few days of starting it and a funny story about it i was telling chad how i ordered it and it was really helping with my energy ect ect and i was expecting him to make fun of me but no he said really thats cool you no my mom ex husband that i hate (yes i know the one and from story's i hate him to) well he used to always have that and i would eat it all the time cause i liked the way it tasted and i asked well did it give you energy and he said i don't know i was young but it tasted good so that pretty cool that he has heard of taking bee pollen cause before last week i never had!! well i guess i am gonna end this and make my daily to do list ;)

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