Wednesday, April 23

4-23-08 to do list

  1. make bed finally got it done last night before bed i was waiting on everything to come out of the dryer ;)
  2. dishes done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor done and did the living room to!!
  4. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  5. clean and clear kitchen counters
  6. call maintenance (our living room fan is broke) done they are coming at 4!!
  7. clean my desk
  8. do some more research on homeschooling the kids next year i did alot of research and i think i am gonna take the plunge and homeschool them next year and its really scary lol!!!
  9. PAY COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! paid finally!!!
  10. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  11. help kiddos with homework done!!
  12. have a snack ready for them when we walk in the door from school (so they are not making a mess in my kitchen pulling everything out lol) done! i made vanilla pudding and peanut butter crackers ;)
  13. walk to get the kids from school nope i was lazy and drove!
  14. take all my vitamins and give the kids there's and remind chad about his done!!
  15. clean Florida room
  16. have kids clean there rooms before bed time
  17. read 3 books to kiddos before bed
  18. clip every ones finger nails

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