Saturday, April 19

i'm back lol

well chad was off work yesterday and we had a lot of stuff to do i had a drs. appt. in jax for my thyroid to get checked out again they had to do another u/s and hopefully everything is cool with it i will not find out until late next week thou!! then we had to go to the post office and tag office and psd to get new id cards and boy its a relief to have all that done and over with let me tell you!!! we also went to walmart and i had a bunch of coupons i wanted to use and i did good i spent about 25 dollars and i used 15 in coupons but chad was with me and he got some 20 dollar fishing bucket and hes a sucker and got all 4 kids a 5 dollar pool toy so i spent 40 more just having them there lol but at least i had help with the monkeys today ;) after that i went into food lion and used up some GREAT coupons and only spent 1.87 out of pocket and the only reason i spent that much was cause i felt funny about getting all the stuff i got for free so i picked up 2 cantaloupes but the 4.99 bakery coupon and the 2 Gerber coupon and the 1:50 baby wipes coupon was awesome the cashier was like wow not bad for 2 bucks cause it was about 15 to start with hahahahahahahaha fun fun fun

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