Tuesday, April 8

my to do list (4-8-08)

well i have decided to start doing a to do everyday on here to help motivate me to get stuff done i need to get done!!
  1. clean me and chads bathroom completely!! DONE!!
  2. take all my vitamin's plus give kids there's and remind chad!! DONE!!
  3. do dishes (sadly i have a lot to do right now) DONE!!
  4. put new sheets on my bed DID NOT GET DONE BUT AM DOING NOW 8AM ;)
  5. sweep the kitchen DONE!!
  6. have dinner ready by 7 DONE BY 6 GO ME!! ;)
  7. do at least 2 loads of laundry from start to finish! DONE!!

OK now looking at this list it can look kinda small or kinda big depending on what you are used to doing and for me its a little big considering its 3:30 so this is a lot to do for me in a short time but i am sure i can get this done and i am gonna get started now! wish me luck!

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