Friday, April 11

lazy days...

well yesterday ended up being somewhat of a lazy day cause i laid around a lot i was just wore out and not feeling well i think the stress of getting everyone dressed and ready in like 10 minutes way to early in the morning kinda pushed me over the top when we got back home i was feeling OK and i took 3 of my vitamins i take 6 a day wow huh lol i take an omega 3-6-9 (fish oil), i take the bee strong (bee pollen) and i take my prenatals (supermom vits) i actually need to order some more of the supermom ones cause i don't have that many left i also need to order more of the kids vitamins they take some called Nordic berries they are the only all natural one i have been able to get all 4 of them to take and since they are all 4 taking 2-4 a day they run out fast i think on pay day i am just gonna order like 4 bottles so i can save my self the time and shipping of ordering monthly i wish i could do a one stop shopping trip but i will have to go to 2 different online stores to get the vitamins and blah to that cause that means 2 different shipping costs! but oh well life will go on i suppose i could always just get the prenatals from the base but i hate them and would probably die from not getting enough vitamins in my body lol!!
boy yesterday i got rid of a ton of things I'm a little sad about a few things but we have soooooooooooooooooooooooo much junk outside i just could not bear to look at it all anymore i mean after all we don't even play with half of it!! and today i have 2 big paper sacks to get rid of i am not quite sure what i am gonna do with them yet i am hoping Stephanie can come look thru them well if you wants/needs them and after that give the rest to Bianka to send to this orphanage in the Dominican republic either way they will go to a good cause while i should save them in case i have a girl but i just can not stand all this clutter i still have a lot to go thru but its starting to look pretty good in here i must say!! i think today i may go thru my clothes and just get rid of the junk i do not wear or really like any more and that should get a lot out cause really there are only like 10 shirts i wear the other what 30 i could care less about!! and besides i need to make room for a few maternity things anyways i really like these motherhood shorts i got from a yard sale (thanks Ashley lol) so i think sometime soon i may have to go there and buy some more maybe some that will go to my knee cause i really hate showing my thighs not sure why?? maybe cause they are so white yeah thats probably it lol!! well since i did not do much yesterday i am gonna make my to do list a little smaller today and if i get real motivated i will add to it talk to you guys later ;)

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