Tuesday, April 8


well i finally gave cvs a try cause really i wanted to see what all the fuss was about cause i am always reading about how people can get all kinda of stuff free and then money back ect ect ect so i went after we went to jamba juice and i spent 54 dollars i used 16 dollars in coupons i printed last night and then i received like 30 bucks back on my rewards card so really i spent 24 bucks and i got a lot here's the list

  1. 2 cvs baby wipes 80ct
  2. 5 Excedrin tension headache 24ct bottles (i had 5 $2.00 off coupons so these were free as they were on sale for $1.99 and i got $5.00 back on rewards!!

  3. huggies overnights for Cody i had a $1.00 off coupon for these

  4. huggies pull ups for lazy days for kk i had a $2.00 off coupon for these

  5. 2 Johnson's and Johnson's foam shampoos for the boys i had 2 $1.00 coupons for these

  6. 2 cvs rapid release pain relievers these were 3.99 a piece but i got 3.99 a piece for both back in rewards ;)

  7. zest bath soap 3 pack i got $1.00 dollar back in rewards for this

  8. 2 biore face products and i got $5.00 back for these in rewards!

  9. and 1 bag of m&m's for Cody and kk to share since they were so good!

i also earned 10.00 bucks for spending 25 dollars or more in baby products and thats why i got the diapers and wipes and shampoo! so i must say that is pretty awesome for 24 bucks out of pocket!!!! but then i went back to another cvs cause i really really wanted to get the softskin body wash that was 4.99 and then you get back 4.99 in rewards and the one i went to was out so we drove a few miles down the road to the other one and they were out to ahhhh so i looked around BIG MISTAKE!!!! i spent 45.61 this time and earned 12.00 dollars back so really i spent 33 or so, so still not that bad but was silly of me anyways here's my list from my 2nd cvs trip

  1. lays bbq chip $3.49

  2. lays reg chips free (b1g1f)

  3. crayola super tip markers 20ct 3.99

  4. crayola super tip markers 20ct 1.99 (these were b1g1 50% off)

  5. crayola sidewalk chalk 3.19

  6. crayola colored pencils 1.49 (also b1g1 50% off)

  7. Johnson's and Johnson's melt away stress body wash 20oz 5.00 with 2.oo back in rewards

  8. nivea face cream 7.49

  9. eucerin lotion for kks dry patches11.99 but since i spent over 15.oo in nivea and eucerin products i earned 5.oo back in rewards

  10. 2 neutrogena spf 70 for my very fair skinned husband 10.99 each and since i spent over 15.00 i earned 5.00 back in rewards

  11. Zyrtec for Cheyenne 12.99

so all and all i did pretty good cause really thats a lot of stuff for 33 or so dollars but still a little more then i wanted to spend but i am happy with all the stuff i got and i will totally keep shopping the reward earning products at cvs and now i will also start clipping coupons again cause i could have saved a lot more if i would have had more coupons!!

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