Saturday, April 19

Today's CVS Deals....

Well i did pretty great at cvs today i had a totally of 4 transactions at 2 different cvs stores and i got 2 mountain dews,2 Pepsi's, 5 softskin bodywash, 1 vo5 shampoo, 1 vo5 conditioner,8 large bags of m&m's and 8 boxes of mac'n'cheese all for the low price of 9 bucks out of pocket and i have 6 more dollars on my rewards card!!

mountain dew & Pepsi were 4/12 and i got 3 back in rewards so really it was like 4/9

the 5 softskin body washes were 4.99 a piece and i got 4.99 a piece back on my rewards card

the vo5 shampoo and conditioner were 66 cents a piece

the mac'n'cheese was 2/6 but i got 2 bucks back on my rewards card so really they were 4 bucks for 2 4 packs of mac'n'cheese

and last but not least i got 8 m&m's i bought 4 of them for 3.29 a piece and got 4 of them free they were B1G1 free and then i got 3 bucks back on each of the 4 i paid for on my rewards cards so really these were 29 cent a piece

so all in all i am very pleased lol all this for like 9 bucks out of pocket when it should have been about 70!!! not bad at all i must say!!!

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navymomx4 said...

THATS AWSOME!!how do you do it??