Saturday, April 26

just chilling...

well i think today we are gonna have a "family fun day" really weekend i am sure cause chad will be leaving soon so we need to make good and fun memory's for the kiddos i think we will probably go to the zoo and maybe the beach to and i am sure rake leaves chad is obsessed with raking leaves and thats good i suppose cause we have soooooooooooo many!! and now we have even more cause they cleaned our roof off!! i do not think i am gonna do much cleaning this weekend just the basic stuff i have to do and thats about it! we also need to go to the library and drop some movies and books off and get more or else i am gonna get another fine when we went last weekend i had to pay 17 bucks wow huh i really really need to make sure that never happens again!! and since cvs is right next door i think i will run in there also and get some free stuff fun fun!!!

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