Sunday, April 13

4-13-08 to do list

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  3. clear all kitchen counters done!!
  4. wipe down all kitchen counters done!!
  5. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  6. clean stove done!!
  7. vacuum living room cheyenne did it ;)
  8. fold diapers
  9. eat the leftovers today so they don't go bad we ate the ones that would have gone bad tomorrow for lunch go us lol!!
  10. make all the beds in the house thank you cheyenne ;)
  11. clean my room thank you again cheyenne ;)
  12. have kids clean there room done!!
  13. vacuum the Florida room done and i cleaned the whole room and boy was it a job!!!
  14. clean both bathroom sinks
  15. clean kids bathroom mirror
  16. hang bath room rugs to dry (Cody had way to much fun in the shower this morning lol) done!!
  17. take all my vitamin's and have the kids take there and email chad a reminder done!!

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