Wednesday, April 23

wic apt. = no fun

OK so yesterday i had a wic apt and i got there at 2:45 and i was at a new office (mayport) and it was just suppose to be a pick up but cause they did not have my file i had to do everything over ahhhhh and it was the smallest office i have ever seen and it was probably a fire hazard cause there were people sitting and standing everywhere but finally an hour later i was taken in the back to do the crap i had to do and then i went back to the tiny waiting room and waited there till 4:40 or so and then i finally got all ten million of my checks now don't get my wrong i love being on wic cause we drink a lot of milk and eat a ton of eggs and cheese and really everything little thing helps when you are trying to save money but i really think there should be an easier way and faster way they could and should do things but oh well at least i do not have to go back till July!!!

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