Wednesday, April 16

pretty happy...

well i am pretty happy with all that i got done yesterday i did not get it all done but i got most of it done and some more that was not on my list i really don't have much all all to do today besides the bathrooms and mopping (my least fav. thing in the world to do) but hopefully i can knock them both out this morning and then just do general tidying all day cause that would be cool!! we had a pretty great day yesterday chad came home pretty early we just chilled at home awhile then got the kids from school and went to walmart and got a few things and after that we just had to get something to eat lol so we went to o'charleys and they are pretty good and CHEAP its pretty awesome they have this deal where 2 kids eat free for every paying adult so me and chad get out food and the kids eat free i love it its about the same price as Wendy's for us but you have to remember we are a family of 6 and wendy's is about 30 bucks for us so at o'charleys we spend about 40 cause we tip real good since we feel we are getting such a good deal to begin with ya no!! well i guess i am gonna go and make my to do list later guys!

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