Thursday, April 3

our week..

well i am 10 weeks along now will be 11 on Saturday and things have still continued to go great i still get pretty tired but even that is tapering off some now i have been cleaning and cooking again thank goodness cause for awhile my house was horrible and the kids and i were living on sandwiches and cereal lol but again things are looking up!! i might even pull the Bosch mixer chad got me for Valentine's day and make some pizza crust or bread i have only used it 2 times since getting it and i have wanted this thing for YEARS so i am sure chad would be happy to see me use it considering we paid like 500 bucks for it!! but anyways! i have gained a few pounds all belly i must say all my pants are tight so i am gonna have to go buy some maternity jeans and shorts i guess since i gave everything away after i had kk cause chad did not wanna add to the family at that time but thankfully he has changed his mind and now who knows how many kidlets we will end up with!!

also in other news we got a dog its a little wiener dog shes black and tan and NOT potty trained and barks like crazy and is starting to drive me crazy but we are working with her and have gotten the indoor barking pretty much stopped by spraying her with a vinegar and water mix she does not dig the smell i guess but outside she could care less i guess cause she still barks her head off any tips would be awesome!! i am kenneling her when we leave and when she does not go potty outside and that seems to be working a lot but she still seems to poop a few times and lucky me and Cheyenne always seems to find it by either the horrible smell or from our bear feet awesome huh hahahaha OK well she is not all that bad she like to cuddle and play with the kids and the kids lover her well kk gets mad at her a lot cause she steals her little toys and Cody thinks she is a little to rough but Cheyenne and kyle just love her and chad totally loves her but hes such a dog person so i suppose that is expected!!

so its spring break here in jax, fl and the kids are having a pretty good time we played in the sprinkler yesterday well not kk she was afraid the sprinkler was gonna shoot her she would run to it and get wet and come screaming back it was so cute and funny!! i had planned to actually walk up to the beach today but it ended up not being all that nice it has lightly sprinkled a few times buy mostly just looked yucky and been full of nasty bugs (yuck) we went to Hannah park the other day and Cheyenne caught a fish she was the only one that did lol and it was a little fellow but he at least she got one!! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys!!

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