Wednesday, April 9

4-9-08 to do list!

  1. dishes (yes i have more) DONE!!
  2. mop kitchen floor DID NOT GET DONE ;(
  3. take all my vitamin's and give kids there's and remind chad about his DONE!!
  4. homework with the kids right after they have an afternoon snack DONE!! thankfully ;)
  5. find chads other Nike (if been missing for awhile) DONE OH YEAH!!
  6. vacuum DONE
  7. clean and organize hall closet DONE AND BOY IT WAS A JOB!!
  8. freecycle some stuff from the over packed hall closet DONE!! GOT 1 TRASH BAG FILLED AND LISTED AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL GO SOON!!
  9. put all important papers back in small file (kk pulled half of them out ahh) DONE!
  10. walk to get the kids from school (unless its raining) DONE! it felt pretty good to!
  11. have dinner ready by 6:30 DONE!
  12. get kks social security paper mailed out today not gonna happen i am gonna need to go to the office boy thats gonna be fun lol!!
  13. do at least 2 loads of laundry from start to finish DONE!!

OK this ended up being a large list but its so early and i think i can get it done wish me luck!

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