Sunday, April 13

beach day part 2 lol

since i did not get a chance to write about the beach yesterday i will today since chad has duty and i am bored ;)

so around noon or so we decided to walk to the beach and we got down there and of course kyle and Cody ran right to the water kyle has no fear and thats scary!! Cody thou stays close cause he don't want that yucky water in his mouth or eyes ;) and Cheyenne will stay close also unless you take her out and kk was not happy to be there she did not like the water at all i had to hold her for a long time and then finally i sat down on the edge and no matter how high she climbed on me the water still hit her so she got used to it and just sat with me and we let the water splash us and by the time we left she was having a blast another funny thing when we first got there after the water splashed her the first time she went running to the pier saying scary scary it was cute i am glad she ended up liking it thou in the end cause we will be going alot cause my ghostly self needs a tan!! well i guess thats all for the beach ;)

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navymomx4 said...

glad yall had a great time..
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