Thursday, April 17


so yesterday was another great day chad came home a little late but not to bad it was around 5 or so and while i did not get to get my id and new stickers for the van he did move the deep freeze in the house and thats awesome cause its so much easier to get the food i need and we freed up ALOT of space in the utility room now we can put the strollers and bikes in there and all chads fishing poles so our car port area looks so nice now we still have some more cleaning and organizing to do out there but its 100% better already i am so happy about it!! and after he did that we bagged 10 bags of leaves he did most of the work i mostly just kept him company and held the bag open lol but he won't let me do much since i am pregnant and thats a good thing i suppose!! yesterday i got a lot of cleaning done but i did not do a lot of the bathrooms so today i plan to finish that and then tidy up the whole house some and maybe weed thru Cheyennes toys she is starting to get way to much things in here room!! also i am getting rid of a kids size blue painted desk noting fancy at all i picked it up from a yard sale awhile back and really just don't like it any more so if you think you want this send me an email and its yours!

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