Tuesday, September 30

to do list for 9/30/08

i know its been awhile but i have a few thing i have to get done so what the heck lol!!

  • have Cheyenne and kyle pick a bathroom and clean it finally got this done 10/5/08
  • dishes done
  • dinner done
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs done finally 10/5/08
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed kyles and Cody's are done but Cheyenne's in a mess 10/5/08
  • clean my room before bed done finally 10/5/08
  • sweep kitchen floor done
  • 1 load of laundry done
  • fold the mountain of diapers on my couch done 10/1/08
  • make a shopping list for tomorrow done
  • price bassinets and car seats done and got a great deal on both!!

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