Saturday, September 6

9/6/08 to do list


  • dishes done!!
  • b-fast donuts (yummy)
  • counters and wipe front of fridge and stove (Cheyenne)
  • lunch burgers and fries
  • dinner pasta and chicken
  • sweep and mop floor well i swept but i am not feeling the mopping tonight!!

living room/ fl. room

  • clean kitchen table (Cheyenne) done!!
  • clean up all trash and toys off the floor in both rooms (kyle) done!!
  • vacuum rugs (Cheyenne) done!!
  • spot clean couch done!!
  • wipe down deep freeze (kyle) done!!
  • tidy up my sewing desk done!!
  • wipe front of TV i decided it looked clean enough lol


  • make all beds well since its bed time now i think its to late lol
  • have kids clean there rooms done finally!!!
  • clean my room done yeah!!
  • clean my desk mostly done!
  • sweep/ vacuum floors not happening tonight i will do it in the morning thou for sure!!
  • have kyle clean the hallway done!!


  • have Cheyenne clean my bathroom kyle did it ;)
  • have kyle clean hallway bathroom and Cheyenne did this one lol
  • clean both toilets (me) haha also not happening tonight but i will get to it tomorrow
  • sweep and mop both floors (me) i did this sorta lol


  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • make some tea done!!
  • take kids to the library or pool depending on if it stays nice well the pool was closed (bummer) but we went to the beach and it was really fun even thou it very very high tide there was like 2 ft of beach it was crazy!! then we came home and showered and went to the library we had a great day!!
  • vitamin's done!!

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Anonymous said...

wow you were a busy bee