Thursday, September 25

happy dance..

oh man i have to say i am so happy and relieved right now i just got home from getting the van fixed at brakes4less off beach blvd and its driving like a dream now not one little tiny squeak no jerking me forward when i first press the brake and no noting just the sweet sweet sound of silence i am so happy its done and over with now they had to replace the front calipers that was what was actually making it jerk forward when i would press on the brakes and then they replaced all the pads even thou the front 2 were new it was still cheaper to get all 4 done cause the back 2 ended up being not so great one was cracked and he said it was the back brakes that were causing the squeaking and i believe him cause thats where i was hearing it from the most but the total ended up being almost 300 but man it was so worth it i have a 3 year warranty and its driving great when i came on base today i said to the gate guard do ya hear that and looked at me funny and was like no and i said yeah me neither i just had the brakes fixed and we laughed and i was on my merry little way ;)

i also had a Dr's appointment this morning that went well i am measuring at 35 weeks which is what i am so thats good everything is all caught up now hehe cause before i was measuring 3 weeks early they heartbeat was in the 140s which is very normal for my boys and i think boys in general that actually how i new he was a boy before i was told he was a boy hahaha and now i just need to clean my house i have a ton to do i have been being lazy to much this week and my house is paying for it big time i am just gonna do a little now and then when Cheyenne and kyle get home we are all gonna get to work they are great helpers when bribed hahaha well thats all i got right now later guys!

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