Friday, September 5

Not cool!!!

man i can not believe we are probably getting another storm and this time a big mean hurricane so not freaking cool i just went and fill my gas tank up and it was almost half full yet i still paid 70 bucks and some change ahhhhh!!! i think if it looks like its gonna hit jax and they are gonna make us leave the base i am going to Pensacola and staying at my moms condo yeah its almost 6 hrs away but its cheaper then a hotel for 3 day or more depending on how bad Ike is!!! hopefully something will happen and we will not get the storm but in the mean time i will just watch the news and stress out i have already finished half of a cheese cake and all of a soda so yeah i am a little stressed!! but anyways I'm gonna clean up some and get my mind off all the crap going on later guys!!


Anonymous said...

hang in there...we have flood warnings for the weekend due to hannan..damn these storms..

Anonymous said...

these hurricanes are crazy, it looks like it's gonna hit pensacola or mobile now, but it'll probably change at least I hope so!

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I too am hoping that something happens to Hurricane Ike, and it bypasses Jacksonville, FL. My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law stay in Jacksonville and my fiance is worried about them. Please keep us updated on the weather and how you and your family are doing.

Take care!