Tuesday, September 30

Cody's finally getting better!

well i sent cody back to school today and he was really happy to go back he really enjoys the 3 hours he is there during the week he has a few best friends and he thinks his teacher is just the bestest one in the world lol but yeah he is doing so much better now yesterday i took him to an actual eye doctor and he said that he still has a very small scratch but it should be gone by today or wed at the latest i still can't believe he got poked in the eye with a fork thats just crazy!! but thankfully no real damage was done and hopefully him and kyle learned a horrible lesson!! other then all the stuff with cody we have not really done much but just rest and sit around the house we did go to the park for a little bit on Sunday cause the kids really needed to get out and cody was feeling pretty good and i am glad we went cause he had a good time and my friend Michelle was actually there with her 2 youngest daughters so that was fun seeing them there as its been awhile since i have seen them! well i guess thats all I've got today later guys!

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Anonymous said...

so glad hes is better..