Thursday, September 11

getting to work!!

so today instead of runny around the city of Jacksonville and sitting on my butt at home i am gonna get some cleaning done!! cause i just have really put it off for to long and there are some things that really need to be done but i usually sit on the computer and write chad or just sit around and play with kk or play tetris with Cody etc etc so i am gonna turn the computer off and just get to work and hopefully by the time i have to take Cody to school i will have this place looking good!! so wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

good luck!!!!!! lol

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

You sound exactly like me. The only way that I can get anything done is if I cut the computer off, or don't turn it on until I get done cleaning. I am an internet junkie. I have problems. lol I hope that you got everything done today that you wanted to do.

Take care!