Saturday, September 20

what a fun day!

so we got to go to the family fun day thingie on base and it was really fun well at first i was thinking man this is gonna be lame cause it was a lot different then last years they had more things last year and it was kinda bigger but they did some fun games this year they had musical chairs and a walking man game and guitar hero and then the funnest one of all the ice cream eating contest it was so so funny they had 2-5 year olds first and kk and Cody were in that one and Cody was not happy about not being able to use his hands he barely even ate his ice cream cause he did not wanna get all dirty and kk just licked hers she thought it was funny then they had the 6-9 year old contest which Cheyenne and kyle were both in and they were both totally excited about it and had been looking fwd to the contest since they heard it announced and boy did they have fun eating the ice cream with no hands it was so funny to watch that age do it kyle was really really getting down on his ice cream but there were a couple really big kids in that age group so he really did not have a chance to win lol but him and Cheyenne sure tried Cheyenne did great also she had stinking ice cream all in her hair and face it was so funny!!! but after that we went home cause we were there a little over 3 hrs which was long enough for kyle to get a sun burn ;( but not to bad of one thankfully i figured we were cool since it was not sunny hardly at all but oh well kk got her first burn to but just a tiny one on her nose well i guess i better go i will post some pictures in a little bit ;)

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