Saturday, September 20

weekend to do list ;)

well i have decided its time to get back to doing my to do lists cause i get so much more done when i do them!! so here we go!

* tidy up my room whats cool is i did this, this morning but what sucks is its a mess already grrr!!
* have kids clean there rooms
* clean both bathrooms kyle did this for me today and he did a great job!! i even put up fresh clean towels and put the bathroom rugs back in my bathroom so they both looks great!
* dishes i had 2 loads since i did not do them yesterday or the day before i hope to never let that happen again!!
* 1 load of laundry
* wash and brush kk's hair
* upload pictures on blogger and myspace yeah i finally did this!!
* have fun we had a great time today and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!!

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