Saturday, September 20


well i had big plans today to go to the youth center and do there family day thing but it ended up raining yesterday afternoon and all night long and today is all windy and rainy looking so i am kinda afraid they are gonna cancel it i hope not thou i hope it clears up so we can still go and have fun and get out of the house!! last night we all stayed up pretty late and watched shark boy and lava girl it was our first time watching it and we all thought it was cute kk fell asleep before we even turned it on lol she was so tired yesterday i am not really sure why cause we did not do anything more then we usually do but maybe all the stuff we do and no nap is taking a toll on her cause she was pretty crabby yesterday i tried to get her to take a nap yesterday but she wanted none of that!! well i am gonna do a to do list today and i am gonna add pictures i finally uploaded them to the computer last night yeah!!! later guys!

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