Sunday, September 14

yeah yeah..

i know i know its be awhile but hey i have been just kinda out of it and sitting around and doing a lot of thinking, thinking about cleaning that is hahaha ok well yesterday i actually got motivated and cleaned a lot with the kids and today i am hoping and praying i get the rest done!! i think today we are gonna go to the beach and probably the library to cause we need to do something to pass the time faster i am for real going crazy waiting for these last weeks to go by before chad gets home they seem never ending but in reality they are fast approaching and once Monday rolls around it will be Friday before i know it cause the week goes by fast when the kids are in school cause i am so busy so i am looking fwd to that big time!! yesterday was a pretty good day thou we cleaned ALOT and the house looks pretty good and the kids (and me lol) played in the sprinkler for awhile it was hot of course!! and we got donuts from krispy kream yummy!! that seems to be our Saturday treat we go and get one dozen of hot glazed and one dozen of chocolate glazed and we had them for b-fast today to oh yeah if only i had a fountain drink to go with it but oh well i will have to do without cause this is our broke pay day where all the bills come out so we will be doing lots of free stuff till the first lol and then chad will be home so that will be awesome!!!! boy we can't wait i still can't believe he was only home a few months (5) before they sent the stupid ship out again and sadly they will be going again before we know it i do truly hate that ship!!! but anyways lol i am gonna try really hard to post some pictures tonight cause its been awhile well until later i need to go and get some stuff done later guys ;)

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