Friday, September 26

forks and 4 years are not a good combo!!

well Cody has finally feel asleep so i figured i would write a quick blog to fill everyone in this morning Cody and kyle were have a fork fight?? and Cody got jabbed in the eye with kyle fork and was screaming like crazy and Cody is not really one to cry and scream etc etc!! so i new it must be bad but i could not get him a Dr's appointment cause i am sure they were booked with crazy parent wanting to get meds for there kids snotty noses lol but anyways i took him to the er and they had to numb his eye and then they put a dye in his eye and turned all the lights off and put a black light on his eye it was crazy and you should have seen the scratch that, that fork left wow!! so the Dr said he has a corneal abrasion and he has to have antibiotic ointment on his eye 4-8 times a day and he gave him tylenol with codeine for pain he told me that everytime he blinks or opens his eye its gonna be very painful and i a suppose to go back tomorrow to make sure its healing and as long as its healing he should be good in a few days and hope that's the case cause i feel so sorry for the little guy!! well i better go and get the other kids fed cause i have just been sitting with Cody all day later guys!


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Awww..Poor little guy! That can't be in fun. Well I hope you find out its healing, so he can get better. I bet its rough seeing him in pain. I don't like when my kids are pain too. Good luck to you and Cody. He's in our prayers. Me and the girls have been saying prayers before bed, and praying for daddy to be safe and we'll just add Cody to our prayers tonight.

Katena said...

Hi Christy,
Sorry this happened to Cody hope he is feeling better. How are you doing? Take it easy always Katena

Anonymous said...

hope cody is feeeling better