Friday, September 19

not much going on...

well today is Friday and for that i am most thankful cause its been a long somewhat stressful week but to be honest it really has not been that bad i think mostly i am just annoyed cause email is down on chads ship it really ruins my day not to get anything from him and i guess its gonna be down for the next couple days to so whoo hoo for that lol!! but since it will be the weekend I'm not to worried about it we are out in about a lot my plans for this weekend are to go to the free family fun day at the youth center on base and pretty much right across the street from me we went last year and it was a lot of fun they had little games for the kids to do and win prizes and free hot dogs and drinks and snow cones and a cool playgroup that normally only the daycare kids get to go to so we will have a fun and busy day Saturday ;) and then Sunday i am gonna try to make it to church cause its been 2 weeks now that we have not been!! and after that we will probably come home and have lunch and then either go to the library or the beach i think our beach days are gonna be over soon cause yesterday it started cooling off some but not a ton or anything its still hot but there is a nice breeze which is pretty cool!!

not to sure what i am gonna do today i think i am just gonna chill at home and clean up a little bit and maybe watch a movie with the kiddos they have space chimps at the beach tonight and we may go to that but it starts so late and really i would rather not leave the house cause here i can just lounge and not really worry about anything and we have ton of cool movies i personally thought space chimps sucked anyways! well i am gonna go and clean up a little in the kitchen and then get Cody ready for school later guys!

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