Monday, September 8

pretty good weekend

well i have to say we had a pretty good weekend it was nice outside hot but nice we went to the beach on Saturday we wanted to go to the pool but it was closed so that was a bummer but the beach was fun the waves were pretty strong so the kids had a good time getting knocked around we were not far out so don't worry lol!! we actually never go far out that's just to scary of a thought for my kids to get sucked in by the ocean!! after that we came home and got cleaned up them went to the library and got some new books and movies and kyle found a single 20 dollar bill just sitting on the floor of one of the isles wow huh!! so i went to Starbucks and got a shaken black tea lemonade sweetened man they are sooooo good and the ditsy/ stoner blond was working again and when i got up to the counter to pay (drive thru) she was all hey there cutie its 3.53 it was pretty funny and kyle was sitting in the front and i she said oh look at you aren't you just the cutest little thing and he turned sooooooooo red hahahahahahahahahaha it was funny!!! after that i let the kids get McDonald's and that was the end of the 20 bucks from the library ;)

then it was off to pick up some freecycle stuff i got 10 all in one size small cloth diapers for free that was pretty awesome cause i gave or sold all my smalls when kk outgrew them cause we were thinking she was gonna be our last baby but as usual we changed our mind and missed that new baby smell hehe so this time around i think i will keep all diapers forever lol!! i pull all my baby stuff out yesterday and i have more then i thought so that's cool i got some from my neighbor that moved a few months ago and then pretty much the rest of it was from Kim another neighbor that moved lol (thanks) i do still need to get some baby socks and really that's it OK well i will probably get one new cute outfit for a picture but i will be cool till we get in 3-6 mts i think but maybe by then there will be some stuff on freecycle ;)

so i was at walmart yesterday cause i needed to get snacks for kyles class and cause i just was bored haha i was scanning the baby stuff and found a pack of Gerber onesies newborn size on sale for 2.50 so that was awesome cause they are usually 10 bucks!! but anyways on to my walmart story well maybe i should start with last Sunday when my mom was down we went to walmart cause that's just what we do haha and we were in the cat litter area and kyle and Cody were sitting on and playing on the big huge cat little bags and this rude a** man said very rudely and snappy that's not the best place for them to be so i say snapply back they'll be OK and he say fu*king bi*ch so i just say nice words and my mom says someone needs to get in a Church and she was saying all this i will be praying for you for the holy spirit to come in you ect ect and he walked off fast and did not say another word but oh my gosh right who in the world says nasty words like that to a very pregnant lady and grandma and with 4 small kids right there i have to say that's one disgruntle cat owner and i feel soooo sorry for his family but back to yesterday he was at walmart again with his wife this time and he of course did not say a word to me but when i pasted his wife she says wow do you have a lot of kids i would die and i say oh no i have more at home we love our baby's hahaha and her jaw dropped it was funny and sure i really don't have more at home but why can't people mind there own business huh???!!!

OK this is long enough later guys!


Anonymous said...

aagghh i tell ya ppl say the dumbest things i love the way you and your mom handle it..i would have lost it and the redneck would have come out of me..lmao

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Thats too funny how you and your mom handled that. There are some really rude people out there. I mean when I was pregnant with Alexa and would have my other 2 with me, they were like you having a boy this time, or it was boy you have your hands full.Its crazy how people just have to get all up in your business. Its like get over it already. I applaud you guys and I would have been laughing so hard if I was there and saw it. Sounds like you enjoyed your mom visiting.

Anonymous said...

People can be so rude people are so rude soemtimes like we are taking food out o f their mouth or even asking them to watch our children always katena

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I totally understand what you are saying about people minding their own business. I never pass up an opportunity to say something smart to someone who volunteered a rude comment or question to me. For instance, I was in the store not too long ago. Me, my one year old son, and my huge belly. And out of nowhere this lady starts asking me fifty million questions. One of them really getting under my skin. Finally, she asked me if I knew what I was doing. I finally told her, "I haven't killed my other eight kids, so I think that these two will be fine." She dropped her jaw, and I walked away giggling. :) I know, I am such a classy lady. lol I can't help it. I have the gift of a smart mouth. I blame it on my father.

I am seriously contemplating trying to cloth diaper this baby. But I have heard both positive and negative stories about it. I am looking for at least a few good websites on cloth diapering, so if you could recommend a few I would love you forever. :)

We are almost there. I can't wait to meet my little man.

Take care of yourself!