Tuesday, September 16

been a long day

well thats not really true its been pretty fast actually but i have done a lot after i dropped the kids off at school i had a wic appointment that was amazingly very fast and easy i was there for maybe 25 minutes and thats a record cause usually its always 2 hours and if i am lucky maybe a little longer but when i got the checks cody was like thats it we are going and i said yeah pretty awesome huh and he said yeah that was fast and i have to say it was super fast!! so yeah next we went to foodlion and spent my 3 checks that expire Thursday and their was no one there so cody is all talking to the cashier (a guy about 20-22) and showing him his transformer and the guys all oh yeah check this out and showed him his transformer tattoo and Cody's eyes got huge and he was all mom i want a transformer tattoo!!! and then they were talking about optimus prime and cody says what about g i Joe do you like them and he was all oh yeah i love g i Joe and cody was laughing and then asked about Zelda and the guy was like you know Zelda and kk goes i know Mario hahaha and then she yelled out girls are awesome it was so funny and the guy says what about boys are they awesome to and she got a nasty look on her face and said as mean as possible NO!! it was funny!! but now we are home and just chilling about to eat lunch and then i will be taking cody to school and after that its back to the house to tidy up some the kitchen is a mess i did not feel like cleaning it last night but i will for sure do it after i take cody to school cause it makes the house house seem messy since its the first room you walk in but the rest of the house is pretty clean still so thats awesome!!! well later guys!

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Anonymous said...

lmao your kids are a trip