Saturday, September 27

update on cody

well Cody is doing tons better today thankfully we had to go back to the er today to get his eye checked out again cause i could not get a stupid referral from tricare to see an eye Dr but that's OK we were seen pretty fast thankfully since i had Cheyenne and kyle and kk also with me today!! but the scratch was soooooooooo much smaller yesterday it was the size of about half his eye or all the color it was freaky looking yesterday but today it was just like a speck of sand but since its still not fully healed i have to go back on Monday to the er or to an eye Dr maybe Monday i will have my referral from tricare and i hope so cause i would rater not go back to the germ filled er ya no!! even thou they are all nice and fast there i think an eye place would be better and have less germs! but hes doing great and keeping his eye open today but its still pretty red and sore and the both of us are super tired cause we did not really sleep last night ;( but hopefully we will tonight!!! well later guys!

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Glad to hear his eye is healing!!