Monday, September 15

our weekend

well i normally don't brag (to much lol) but i have to say i am sooo proud of myself and the kids right now cause we cleaned the whole house last night OK OK i did not mop the kitchen floor or vacumme the living room rug but all 4 bedrooms are clean and both bathrooms and just everything else and it just looks good for a change so thats awesome!! now if i can just keep it clean i am gonna try but we will just have to see lol!! so today i am gonna try to keep everything picked up and keep the kids active in cleaning up after themselves!!

i think today after i take Cody to school me and kk are gonna go to the library and drop some stuff off and get some new stuff to of course then i will need to go to food lion and get some more wic stuff cause i only have 2 more days to use the checks i was so mad Friday cause i went to food lion to get the wic stuff only to find that i left my checks at home and i could not find them anywhere i was so upset cause they expire soon and there was like 4 checks that a lot of milk, cheese, and juice ya no!! but thankfully i found them they were in a bag that i had not yet put away that had snacks for kyle class and when were were cleaning yesterday i found them so yeah!! also on Friday i got a ton of maternity clothes from Jeni to use for the rest of this pregnancy so that was so awesome i am so thankful for that cause i was getting to big for all my clothes and i really hate wearing chads t shirts i just think t shirts are for boys ya no lol so thank you thank you thank you Jeni ;) well thats all i got right now i better go and make sure things are still tidy around here lol later guys!


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey no problem girl!! Glad to help. You've helped me and always give me good advice, its the less I can do. So how are they working for ya?

Kristin said...

I can't imagine outgrowing your maternity clothes! LOL! I gain at LEAST 50 pounds each pregnancy, so I have always faced the too small maternity clothes, nothing to wear problem. During my fourth pregnancy I decided just to wear pajama pants and tank tops for the last eight weeks since I couldn't pull my capris up anymore and my tank tops weren't covering my belly.