Tuesday, September 23

feeling better!!

so yesterday my brakes started acting really really bad and i have to say i really don't like having to drive the van with the way they sound at all but i still have to get Cheyenne and kyle from school today and there is no way i am walking cause i would probably go in labor hahaha but i did walk cody to school and i will walk to pick him up but i was stressing and stressing about what i was gonna do cause we are broke of course and payday is still over a week away but then chad calls and we talk and hes all i can transfer you the money for the brakes and i am all say what why do you have money and he just laughs and say member so and so well he bought my gun and gave me the money today so he has 500 bucks i mean is that an answer to a prayer or what but i probably won't have the money in the bank till tomarrow or Thursday i hope tomarrow!! so after that i called brakes4less cause i am going somewhere this time and getting a warranty etc etc and i tell the guy whats up and he tells me what he thinks the problem is and said if its what he thinks it is and i am pretty sure it is its only gonna be 250 ok ok that's a lot but not much when it comes to my piece of mind and the fact that my brakes are gonna work right finally i am so freaking excited now driving will not get me all pissed off or annoyed etc etc well after i get them fixed so thank you thank you thank you god and thank you to the guy that bought chads gun and thank you chad for sending the cash lol!!

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