Monday, September 15

family updates for September

so in case you were wondering i have decided to start doing monthly updates of everyone enjoy ;)

well i am doing great all my Dr's. appointments went well so that makes me happy i was starting to think this baby might have to be our last with all the stuff that was going on but thankfully that's not the case and after baby Caleb god willing we will have more ;) and chad is doing well, well as well as he can while being out to sea he pretty much hates the boat hes on i think really he just miss's us a lot and boy is he missing a lot always being gone but one day soon we will all be together again and that will be awesome!!

kyle is finally starting to like school again so that's awesome he did not really like his teacher much at all but i think since i have had a few talks with her and him things are much better he was not getting in trouble if that's what you are thinking its just that other kids were and it made him scared of her cause he is pretty sensitive to yelling and stuff since we generally don't do that much here, he really wants to join the boy scouts but i just don't know it sounds like a lot of work for me to take him here and there and i i know i would never let him do the sleepovers and such anyone reading this have a kid in boy scouts?? if so tell me how it was good or bad please lol

Cheyenne loves her teacher this year at first she was saying she was a little crazy but now shes not hahaha and i think she might be a little crazy but i really like her to shes funny and is from new york and has that whole new york accent and is loud etc etc but boy she is getting Cheyenne up to speed on her phonics and reading i was worried at the beginning of the year Cheyenne was gonna be put back in 1st grade but shes doing awesome the other day i did not even have to help her with her math homework usually have to read the questions with her well help her read them anyways but yeah shes doing great me and her watched hairspray yesterday mostly cause i have had it since it came on DVD like last year lol and never watched it and it was cute we both liked it at the end she said i bet dad would not like this hahaha i was like nahhh probably not i think when chad gets back in a few weeks yeah!! i am gonna take her to see high school musical 3 if its still playing i have never really done anything with just her so i think it will be nice!

on to Cody well Cody is just Cody and if you know him you know what that means lol hes just the sweetest boy but at the same time hes a crazy ball of energy ready to explode lol hes really enjoying school but boy them 3 hrs a day really wear him out hes ready to crash out on the couch everyday haha!! hes also growing a lot right now hes pretty much the same size as kyle they wear the same shirts and have the same waist size but kyle a little taller and kyle wears a size 1 shoe and Cody's in a 13 lol so i often wonder if Cody's gonna be huge or if kyles just a late bloomer!

and my little Kaylee shes just so silly and aways making us laugh she tells me everyday i sure miss my daddy bear and my grandma bear (my mom) i asked her the other day what the first thing she was gonna do when she saw her daddy bear was and she giggled and said punch him in the nose (they always play fight lol) and then she laughed some more! also just the other day as i was putting a clean diaper on her i say lets go sit on the potty and go pee pee and she says no i wanna pee in my diaper so i say no big girls go pee on the potty and she storms off saying I'm a baby and i pee in my diaper so potty training her is gonna be fun hahaha

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