Wednesday, September 10

just another day..

so its been a few days and i have not wrote anything mostly cause i am going thru this lazy/ bored stage and i just don't feel like doing anything but anyways.. yesterday i had my thyroid appointment and the Dr. i saw i was very shocked that the army hospital did surgery on the last cyst i had so that was a bit annoying!! but oh well whats done is done i suppose but he said the cyst i have now is to small to do anything with and that in 6 Mt's i should get another ultrasound of my thyroid to make sure it has not grown so thats cool i guess.. i have decided today i have to buy a few maternity shirts cause i only have 2 of my own shirts that fit me and its driving me insane i hate wearing chads shirts they are so boyish lol hopefully i can find a few that fit me that would be awesome lol!! other then that really there is noting new to report i think tonight sometime i am gonna add some new pictures since its been awhile! but until then later guys!


Anonymous said...

check with belly buttons(right in front of the commersary)they have a rack of maternity clothes..and the have lots of kids clothes..

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey just so you know Belly buttons moved over by the WIC office now. But it is a good thrift store. I bought some clothes for my girls there and also took some of my girls clothes there for some money. I am thinking about going there to look for Halloween costumes soon. Good Luck