Thursday, September 18

we had fun

well me and Cody and kk just got back from sesame street live on base its like a military themed one and it was really fun, it was actually a little emotional when Elmo was talking about how much he missed his daddy when he had to be away but it helped when his mommy read a book that his daddy used to read to him it really made me tear up some but i suppose that's not that uncommon cause it seems i am very emotion this pregnancy almost to a ridiculous point lol!! but like i said it was a lot of fun kyle was even there with his class we did not get to sit with him but we did get to say hey to him and wave a lot and then we told him bye when he was leaving poor Cheyenne did not get to go it was just the kindergartner's and 1st graders at there school that got to go but she did not really care but to be honest i really think she would have liked it cause it was not all babyish like i figured it would be!!

but anyways i got all my cloth diapers in over the weekend for baby Caleb and i have never cloth diapered a new born before i always just started in the 6Mt's and up range and omg these diapers are just the cutest things ever they are so tiny and just cute i love love love them and am so thankfully to the army or maybe air force?? wife/ momma that gave them to me at such am awesome deal i posted an ISO newborn diapers on natural momma barter which is a yahoo group and she responded and yeah i have a whole stash of newborn diapers for the price of like 3 large packs of pampers and we all know how fast those go in the newborn breastfeeding poo stage lol!! well i guess thats all i have got right now later guys!

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Kristin said...

We started using cloth diapers when our third daughter was about 18 months old. We then used them until our fifth baby was about a year old. Three years of cloth diapers saved us a ton of money, but we finally decided that we would rather use disposables for this season of our lives. I felt badly about it at first, especially after some older ladies made me feel incredibly guilty about the wastefulness of it, but I know that this is what our family needs right now.