Monday, May 26

So here i am am

yeah so here i am vacuuming my little heart out i have done my room kyles room and am doing Cody's room when i start getting annoyed with my vacuum at first i thought maybe the bags full but them i remember just last night i took the old very full one out so it would not be that so i decide i am gonna take it apart cause there must be something stuck in it but i decide to check the bag first to make sure i have it in right but there's no bag and its full of crap all kinds of dust and dirt and just other stuff it was nasty i had to dump it on the floor and then run get another bag and wa la my vacuum was normal again i can't believe i forgot that bag!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

zpbvuuSHES BACCCKKKK..LOL you have your grove back i see haha..i've been slacking