Sunday, May 4

CVS deal for May 4th

so today i went to cvs to check out the weekly deals and i got a few things

1 dawn dish soap (88 cents)

1 Whitman's chocolate (3.99) (i had a 2.00 coupon so this was really 1.99)

1 zephyrhills water (3.49)

1 Venus breeze razor (9.99) (i got back 5.00 bucks in rewards for next time and i had a 4.00 coupon so really this was 99 cents when you look at it that way)

so my total was 18.35 plus tax and i used a $3/15 coupon, and a 4.00 off coupon for the razor, and a 2.00 off coupon for the candy and then 9.99 in ecb (rewards card) so my total out of pocket was 2.71 and i have 5.00 in ecbs for next time woo hoo ;)

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Sarah said...

I bought the Venus razor and Whitman's sampler today too! Except that by the time I got home, my sampler didn't still have the shiny wrapper on the outside. Ha!

Thanks for sharing your deals :)