Thursday, May 1

feeling better

well after i drank a sprite and coffee i felt pretty good so i printed my coupons i wanted to use today and got in the van to head to walmart and i had to pull over before i even left the base to puke on the side of the road awesome huh and it was like never ending puke some got on the side of my van but most made it outside thankfully i can not even imagine what people driving by were thinking lol but after i puked up all my sprite and coffee i was good again and was back on the road and i got some awesome deals and steals at walmart i got 4 boxes of cereal for free really they paid me 2 cents a piece to take them from there store lol and then i got a few other things we needed and i got a lot and it only ended up be 28 or 29 after coupons!!! i take a picture later and post it on here after that we went to cvs but all the things i wanted to get were still sold out but as a plus i saw them unloading a truck so i may have to go back tomorrow to see if they have restocked the shelves cause i really want to get the razors for 99 cent a piece (after coupons and ecb's) so i got Cheyenne some hair bows and some of the b1g1 free peanuts and left spending 3.08 would have been noting but Cheyenne really needed some more clips (i used 5 in rewards in case you were wondering lol) then we stopped at arby's and it was soooooooo yummy i have been craving arby's for a week we actually went there 3 days ago and i was gonna get there 5 for 5 and they quit doing it and i said never mind cause i did not wanna waste much money and i actually started crying on the way home real tears to lol (crazy huh) well i better go i HAVE TO clean the kitchen!!

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