Sunday, May 25

yesterday was a good day!

well i must say i am pretty happy with what i got done yesterday in the house i did a lot of organizing in the kitchen i did not mop the floor but i will do that today i did however help Cheyenne deep clean her room and it looks great now ;) i did all the laundry all 5 or 6 loads of it!! and helped kyle clean his room so over all i am very happy with all i got done!! I'm gonna try to go to church today but it is such a pain going without help and then having to sit alone ect ect but we are always happy and in good mood when we go!! today i am debating if i should make bread or just go by a loaf i really don't feel like making it but its soooooooo much cheaper to make and it taste great and we are pretty broke right now so the smart thing to do would be to bake but i can't say i always do the smart thing ya no ;) well off to make my list!!!

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