Wednesday, May 28

late start

well i am getting a late start today cause i am so freaking annoyed i mean where the crap is my wallet????????????/ did someone steal it did it get throw away i have no clue i have looked everywhere and i do mean everywhere i am about ready to give up and cry and just get madder not sure which yet lol so here's my to do list for this wonderful day lol

  1. FIND MY WALLET sadly not happening today ;(
  2. chill out after 3 baths i think i have finally chilled out lol!!
  3. drink some coffee drank some hot tea instead
  4. dishes done!!
  5. kitchen counters
  6. sweep kitchen floor
  7. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  8. vacuum living room thanks cheyenne
  9. vacuum kyles room done
  10. clean train table in the playroom done!!
  11. dinner ready by 6:30 done i have chicken in the crock pot and rice in the rice cooker and made corn to go with it!
  12. homework with the kids
  13. walk to get Cheyenne and kyle from school if its not to hot anyways to annoyed and lazy to walk today lol
  14. go to bed early

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aaghh that suxs hope you find your wallet soon..