Tuesday, May 6

7 things i was tagged by Amy at memoirs of a mommy

so last night i got tagged by Amy
http://memoirsofamommy.blogspot.com/ and now i need to think of 7 things about me to post on my blog and then i will have to think of some other people to tag i already have one in mind but really most my friends do the my space blogs so i will have to think hard about it!!

  1. i joined the navy when i was 18 just to get away from all the drama and then missed the drama lol but i still had a great time in the navy even if it was just for 2 years i got out early cause i did not want to be a navy mom and have to leave my baby with nasty day cares or with my husband if i got deployed so i got out and became a SAHM some thing i really never thought i would be cause not many in my family are but i am so happy i am and thankful i am able to be!!
  2. i have became obsessed with saving money on food and shopping at cvs and Walgreen's i mean i really kinda feel like i am to the point of addict now its sad and cool all at the same time sometimes its all i talk about (hence the sad part lol) but i have a lot of fun so i guess its ok and at least i am not spending much money!!
  3. i have lived quite a few places thanks to the navy (my husbands still in) we started out in Norfolk,VA then i moved to Tyler, TX to stay with my mom for awhile after i had cheyenne (my first baby) cause chad was deployed till she was 4 Mt's old ;( then after that it was back to Norfolk,VA ha ha and then on to aransas pass, TX (around corpus Christi,TX) and i really liked it there but alas 2 years later we were on the move again this time to middle of nowhere, OK and i must say that was our worst place cause the house was horrible i had to have thyroid surgery chad was never home my wonderful dog bugar was eaten by coyotes and it just all around sucked!!!!! but one good thing did come out of Oklahoma and that's my k-bug ;) and now we are in Jacksonville, fl and i have to say i love it we live a few blocks from the beach and there is just lots to do and lots of cvs's hahaha
  4. i take 9-10 vitamin's a day yeah its true i take my super mom vits(2) then i take bee strong(4) and then i take omega 3 (2) and then 1 or 2 calcium chews and almost every time i take the super mom vits i throw up my mouth waters when i open the bottle its sad but usually i just chug it back up and am all good but sometimes i have to run to the sink to get sick fun fun huh!!!
  5. i am pretty scared about homeschooling the kids next year cause its gonna be alot of work and i am generally a lazy person but i am sure once we get started it will be great!!
  6. i was punk rock all the way back in high school i even had a Mohawk and tri hawk it was pretty awesome and sometimes i really miss those days and wonder what i would bee like if i never would have joined the navy but i am very thankful for my wonderful family so i am very glad i did join the navy!!
  7. i am very ready to quit breast feeding Kaylee but i do not see an end in sight ever i think she will be like 15 or something lol

well there ya go and i have to say that took me a long time to do i did not think it would since its just 7 things!!!

first i am gonna tag Kim http://navymomx4.blogspot.com/ because she has a real blog and i really like her even thou she always out cleans me lately lol!!

next i am gonna tag Jeni http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=75392733cause shes sweet i can not even almost picture her being mean in fact i do not even think i have seen her make an ugly face she is always smiling ahhh to be that happy ;)

the 3rd person i am gonna tag is gonna be Katina http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=82311336 cause i really like her she has always been nice and seems very giving and she has 5 boys wow and is living in my hometown of Pensacola, fl right now

the 4th person i am gonna tag is gonna be Toni http://www.photographybytoni.blogspot.com/ cause she takes the best pictures ever and i would like to read her 7 things!

the 5th person it gonna be Jill http://jillssoulpatch.blogspot.com/ i just think she is awesome she has 11 kids and does the whole farm and cattle thing and just seems like she would be so fun to be around!!

and the last person i am gonna tag is gonna be another Kim this one lives in GA. http://www.savvymilitarymom.blogspot.com/ i just started reading her blog and i really like it so far shes a military wife like me and really does not live that far from me so that's pretty cool!!

kryptonite humm

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for joining in the fun. As you know I'm obsessed with CVS and deal finding as well.

Also, I love that you were "punk" I was, and still am, a punk wannabe, but I married a true rebel.. he has a tattoo that goes all the way down his leg, and says "punk's not dead".

Good luck with the weaning. My last was the longest I nursed any of my kids (12 months) and at the end I just kept forcing bottles on her. I'd fill them with milk, juice, and water, and give them to her all the time. Finally she was drinking from just those. It probably helped that my two year old was still drinking from bottles, because the baby liked to do anything her big sisters were doing.

Anyway... I had fun reading your 7 things. :)

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy