Sunday, May 4

so here are my cvs goodies i got yesterday before i lost my chance at getting them (yesterday was the last day for most things) there is also a few monthly deals in here to i ended up getting

3 refills for the Bic soleil (5.99) (i got back 3.00 a piece in rewards for each of these and i used 3 2.00 off coupons so really i paid .99 cents for these a piece)

3 Adidas deodorant (4.99) (i had 3 free Adidas deodorant coupons and then i got 4.99 in rewards for each of these so i gained 14.97 and got the deodorant for free nice huh lol)

4 choc. covered cashews (4.99 but they were B1G1 free) (well i paid about 10.00 for the 2 and then got 2 free but i used my rewards to pay for them and they are so good i wish i would have gotten more)

1 tostitos scoops (3.79) (well i think spending 3.79 for chips and salsa was a pretty good deal lol)

1 tostitos salsa (free B1G1 free)

$5.00 worth of essence of beauty stuff (i spent 5 and got 5 back so good deal)

2 aquafina waters (1.29) (they charged me for 3 thou grrrr) (this was a hidden buy 2 get a dollar back deal and we were thirsty so i figured why not but i am still mad about being charged for 3!!)

2 BC warm delights (1.99) (not sure why i got these but i paid 4.00 for 2 of them and got a 1.00 back so i guess it was not a total loss)

4 bags of m&m's (the sign said B1G1 free but that sadly was not the case and i was to annoyed to go back) (still annoyed about this one to they had B1G1 free signs up so i got 4 thinking 2 would be free but no i paid like 3.29 a piece for each but i get get 3.00 in rewards back but still not a good deal at all IMO)

3 Aquafresh toothpaste (2.99) (i got 2.99 back in rewards for these and i used 3 1.00 off coupons with them this was a good deal and a monthly one at that so there is still time for this one)

4 Colgate 360 toothbrushes (3.99) (this was also a great deal and a monthly one i got 3.99 back for each in rewards and i used a 1.00 coupon for each so i made money on this one to!!)

1 40ct pampers (13.99) (well i ran of of my lazy days stash so i used some of my rewards and got these for free)

1 BC fudge brownies (2.39) (i earned 1.oo in rewards for this one so it was an OK deal)

1 Colgate kids tooth paste (2.99) (we just needed this)

now i am missing a receipt so i will do this the best i can remember lol so i spent about 25.00 of of pocket and burned a lot of rewards not sure how much but i earned a lot to i wish i had my other receipts but oh well i will be better organized this week ;)

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Anonymous said...

The aquafina is actually a monthly deal. Buy 2 get $1 ECB back. So the one they wrongly charged you for will count towards the monthly deal if you buy another one and you will get $1 ECB. Or the LIFE waters are on sale for $1 and count toward the monthly deal, so buy 1 for a dollar and get $1 back. Taleena