Friday, May 23

sad day!!

well chad left today for another deployment ;( so the next couple of weeks will be pretty sad and depressing i think the first month is always the worst but then again the last couple weeks is pretty rough also!!! but not as bad as the first!! and to make this one worse he only just got home in December and is already leaving!! and Cody keeps looking out the window and saying daddy's home daddy's home and i have to say no buddy we had to drive him remember today ;( i feel so sorry for the kids poor kk and Cody will be pretty sad and not understand and kyle and Cheyenne will be sad but i guess at least they understand Cheyenne keeps saying i wish daddy could retire now so he did not have to leave ;( but as usually we will get thru it and be fine soon enough after all this is the 5th deployment for us as a family and its chads 6th since being in the navy wow huh!!! thats a lot of time away!! i really look forward to shore duty in 2 years!!

but anyways after i dropped chad off this morning Cheyenne, kyle and Cody had Dr's. apts. for school physicals i wanted them early so i could hurry up and enroll Cheyenne and kyle in connections academy so i can insure they will be able to do that next year!!! and Cody needed his so i can get his vbk form to sign him up for half day preschool on base he really wants to go and for 3 hrs a day i guess i can let him but hes gonna be doing connections academy for kindergarten the following year he sadly had to get 4 shots thou and that really stunk i felt so bad for him he was so sad but on a brighter note hes done now so thats cool!! well i guess i should go and clean up starting tomorrow i will be doing my to do list again cause this house is a mess it seems when chad is here the house does not get cleaned cause we just chill and spend time together and cleaning is at the bottom of the list so yeah there's a lot to do since he was home a few weeks!!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah the first few weeks are hardest..its almost midnight and im doing the im here if you ever want some more paperwork to take care of..joseph is not on his p2..aagghh so tuesday troy is staying home to babysit while i run around getting things in fun NOT!!