Sunday, May 4

food lion steals i mean

so i went to 2 different food lions today and at the first one i got

2 packs of 12 count cookies (3.29 B1G1 free) (well i had a coupon for free 12 ct bakery cookies and with the mvp card they were B1G1 free so i thought i would give that a shot but my cashier was a big meany and only took off 1.64 so i paid 1.64 for the other box still a pretty good deal thou!)

1 tombstone pizza (3.33) (i had a 2.00 off coupon from the foodlion website so i paid 1.33 pretty good deal there to)

1 FL baby wipes (1.49) (i had a 1.50 off coupon for FL wipes from there website so i made a penny off these he he)

1 FL bacon (2.49 i think) (i had a 1.00 off coupon for this so i paid 1.49 we have not had bacon in awhile so i really wanted it lol)

1 box FL fish sticks (2.00) (i had a 1.00 off coupon also from there website or a full cups website and got them for 1.00 oh yeah my kinda deal lol)

and someones bag that was not mine and in it was 3 tomatoes 2 cucumbers and 1 bell pepper and i feel so bad about this but i was already at home when i noticed and me and the 4 kiddos were wiped out we went to 3 stores today!!! (and this of course was free good for me but bad for whoever was in front of me!!!)

so out of pocket 5.46 plus tax not to shabby ;)

store 2 ;)

2 boxes of 12 count cookies from the bakery (B1G1 free 3.29) (i got both for free this time with the free 12 ct cookie coupon woo hoo thank you food lion)

1 tombstone pizza (3.33) (i had the 2.00 off coupon so this was 1.33)

1 twin size box of au gratin potato's (1.60) (just on sale and i wanted it)

1 FL baby wipes (2.29)(i got this one to test the coupon cause the other one always has to be overrided and this one did not since it was over 1.50 so i spent 79 cents on this)

1 case of FL water (2.99)(good deal and wanted it)

1 small bag of green grapes (1.69)(kk was screaming for these and i wanted her quite lol)

so out of pocket here was higher but i got more stuff my total was 8.75 still pretty good i think

total for both stores was about 14.25 so pretty good ;)

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S.B. said...

You did great! I wish we had a food lion around my way!