Monday, May 26

to do list for 5-26-08

  1. have kyle clean up his room DONE!!
  2. vacuum kyle and cody's room DONE!!
  3. make both beds
  4. help kyle clean his closet DONE!!
  5. sweep under Cody's bed and around the rug DONE!!
  6. put TV back in kyle room (maybe) DONE!!
  7. have everyone clean and organize the playroom DONE!!
  8. vacuum the playroom DONE!!
  9. clean the closet in the playroom DONE!!
  10. go thru kks clothes and get rid of the ones she has outgrown DONE!!
  11. take kids to the beach or park today we went to the beach and it was really fun i'll post some pictures later ;)
  12. have kyle and Cheyenne do a little school work DONE!!
  13. dishes DONE!!
  14. clean counters DONE!!
  15. 2 loads of laundry
  16. have dinner ready by 6:30 DONE!!
  17. vacuum living room DONE!!
  18. vacuum my room DONE!!
  19. make my bed DONE!!

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