Saturday, May 31

its been a good few days!

first off i will say my mom is free and the judge cleared her record but really what kinda crap is that 3 days in the slammer for not changing her address???? and to make matter worse she is diabetic and has thyroid problems and is on blood pressure medicine and the 3 days she was there they gave her none of her medicine! i am very upset over there to say the least!!

well anyway i got a lot of shopping done and spent right at 100 bucks for the next 2 weeks and thats awesome cause i got a ton of stuff the only thing i may have to go back and get it bananas everything else we are good on i will need milk to but thats wic so its free ;) one thing that was pretty cool it yesterday i went to foodloin and spent 23 bucks and my receipt says i used 32 in coupons wow huh i was really working the sales i am pretty proud of myself cause there was a few things my pregnant self just wanted (lol) but i said no i am sticking to my budget and list so woo hoo on self control lol!! i was gonna post pictures and do the price and coupons used and all that good stuff but i really am not feeling it so you just get this measly post about it but if you checked out mrs nepsys blog i pretty much got what she got plus some more that i had coupons for!! ;)

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