Thursday, May 8

went back to cvs...

so i went back to cvs this week and used my husbands card and got a few things here my breakdown

4 packs of m&m's .50 cents each (to keep the kids happy)

1 bag of Purina kitten food 3.99 free cause i had a 4.00 off coupon ;)

1 aqua fresh toothpaste 2.99 i used a 1.00 off coupon and i received 2.99 back on my rewards card woo hoo

3 Adidas deodorant 4.99 each i had 3 free coupons for these and i got back 14.97 on my rewards card for them ;)

1 cvs kitchen trash bags 5.79 we just needed some

2 aquafina waters 1.29 each

so total was about 33 bucks or so but i used 24 in coupons so out of pocket was 10.16 and i got back 19 in rewards so this was a great trip!!!!!

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