Friday, May 30

to do list for 5-30-08

well i am gonna make my list short today cause i really don't feel like doing much and its pretty clean ;)

  1. clean the kids bathroom (top to bottom) yeah that did not happen but i am gonna put it on my list for today!
  2. take trash out (its been full since yesterday morning and we just keep stuffing it lol) done!!
  3. go to the store and find some tomato things cause my gardens growing and starting to sag and i really don't want them to get ruined!! done well sorta i did not get enough i have to go back tomarrow and get 5 more but at least they are just a little over a buck!! **i got the rest done today (5-31-08) and i also got a blister grrrr!!!
  4. go to foodlion and get a few of there sale items done and i did pretty awesome thanks to mrs nespy i'm gonna put her on my blog roll!! i'll post later what i got!


Kaye (aka Mrs Nespy) said...

Sorry for the random comment on this post, but in response to the question you asked about the coupon on the Food Lion ice went through on its own and I didn't even have to explain anything. =) Very cool!

Kaye (aka Mrs Nespy) said...

Thanks for the addition to your blogroll! I'm honored.