Sunday, May 25

to do list for 5-25-08

  1. mop kitchen floor done!!
  2. wash kitchen rugs since the washer is finally empty done!!
  3. make some coffee done!!
  4. make breakfast done!!
  5. clean all the junk off my floor done!!
  6. sweep/vacuum my floor done!!
  7. clean off both dressers in my room done finally i have had this on my list for weeks lol!!
  8. clean off my desk done and it was a big job to!!
  9. make my bed done!!
  10. clean under my bed done!!
  11. clean my closet floor (scary big job lol) done and it was not too bad!!
  12. go to chruch done!!

well thats all for now if i get all this done i will post more things!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow you have been busy today..